Hold. Star. Return

New solo record available from bandcamp and all good record shops https://davidajaycock.bandcamp.com/album/hold-star-return Jaycock returns with an imaginative side step into synth pop and experimental electronica.Hold. Star. Return is a mixture of non-linear dreams, memory and story, this record alternates between certain periods of childhood and adulthood that resonate with the protagonistsʼ psyche. String machines, arpeggiators,

Two BBC Folk Award Nominations

  Marry and I have been nominated for not one but two awards at BBC Radio 2’s 2016 Folk Awards. We have been nominated for ‘Best Duo’ for our collaboration on the recently released ‘Two Wolves’ album. In addition, we were nominated for ‘Best Original Track’ for our song ‘Sing Me Into Your Tune’. The awards ceremony